About Control Sciences Incorporated

Established in 1969 Control Sciences, Inc. is located in Chatsworth California, a suburb of Los Angeles. CSI is only one of four companies in the world that offer a full line of synchro and resolver conversion products. Its product line includes single and two speed synchro/resolver to digital converters, digital to synchro/resolver converters, solid state control transformers, solid state differential transmitters, synchro/resolver test instruments, synchro/resolver excitation oscillators and VMEbus synchro/resolver conversion products to name a few. Besides having its own line of proprietary synchro conversion products CSI product line includes a large number of synchro/resolver conversion products that are pin-for-pin replacements for products manufactured by others. Visit our Legacy Cross Reference Guide for a listing of products we second source. CSI supplies to both domestic and international defense/aerospace/commercial/industrial markets for some of the following applications:

Control Sciences, Inc. has achieved the enviable reputation for an On Time, Every Time delivery record with arguably the highest field reliability in the industry. CSI has a large customer base and over the years has supplied product to the following, to name but a few:

Over the years CSI has striven to support its product lines and plans to continue that policy into the foreseeable future. Not only does CSI have the largest Synchro/Resolver conversion product line in its industry it has the capability to modify/customize standard product to meet special customer requirements. CSI also has the capability of designing custom synchro/resolver instruments and systems to customer specifications.