CSI Product Reliablity

Every year the data tabulated exposes some phenomenal results. Some examples; over 2500 168F100 series 14 bit synchro/resolver to digital converter modules produced with only one failure in the last 5 years, 600 168F599ET 16 bit 2-speed synchro to digital converters used on U.S. combatant ships with only 2 failures in 24 years and over 10,000 168F300 series 12 bit synchro/resolver to digital converters produced and only 4 failures in the last 5 years.

Customers have supplied data on average usage, which ranges for 1 to 24 hours per day, 5 to 7 days a week. The resultant average (weighted by quantity) is 5.3 hours a day based on a 7 day work week. Although we periodically receive returns that are over 10 years old, we limit product life to 10 years for purposes of determining active unit population. We allow for 15% attrition and further reduce the population by 50% for parts that are over 5 years old. This allows for possible retirement of equipment.

As of December 1, 2004 converter modules in the field were accumulating approximately 2,104,000 hours per month with only 7 failures for FY 2005 (December 1, 2003 through November 30, 2004). The five-year average MTBF for these modules is 1,999,330 hours. Total instrument and board level product failures over the past five years were 32, giving a five-year average MTBF of 421,782 hours.

Field reliability data is available by product family. If you are interested in MTBF figures for a particular product family please contact us at: (818) 709-5510 or info@controlsciences.com