CSI Synchro/Resolver Converter
Legacy Cross Reference Guide

Below, by manufacturer, is a listing of competitor's part number series' that we can supply direct pin-for-pin replacements for. The information presented here is believed to be accurate, but Control Sciences Inc. assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Click on CSI Equivalent Part Series to view or download CSI pin-for-pin equivalent PDF data sheet. For any questions regarding compatibility or you need an alternate to a converter that is not in our Cross Reference Guide contact one of our Application Engineers.

Analog Devices Inc. Part Series CSI Equivalent Part Series
DRC1605 192B500
DRC1705 192B700
DRC1706 192B800
DSC1605 192B500
DSC1705 192B700
DSC1706 192B800
DTM1716 192B200
IPA1751 220A100
OSC1754 110A200
RBCD1756 168E600
RBCD1757 168E600
RDC1602 168F100A
RDC1603 168F200
RDC1604 168H100
RDC1700 168F300
RDC1702 168F200
RDC1704 168F100
RDC1725 168T350
RDC1786 168F200
SBCD1756 168E600
SBCD1757 168E600
SDC1602 168F100A
SDC1603 168F200
SDC1604 168H100
SDC1700 168F300
SDC1702 168F200
SDC1704 168F100
SDC1725 168T350
SDC1786 168F200
TLS1612 167C100
TSDC1608 168C300
TSDC1609 168C300
TSDC1610 168C300
TSDC1611 168C300
TSDC1612 168C300

ILC Data Device Corp. Part Series CSI Equivalent Part Series
DRC644 192L700
DSC544 192F500
DSC644 192L700
EDRC 192B500
EDSC 192B500
ERDC 168F100
ESDC 168F100
LRDC 168F200
LSDC 168F200
RDC36 168F500
RDC361 168H500
RDC362 168H510
RDC510 168E600
RDC511 168E600
RDC520 168F200
RDC522 168F300
RDC524 168F100
RDC620 168F200
RDC630 168F200
RDC632 168F300
RDC634 168F100
RDC634a 168F100A
SBA25000 175A300
SDC36 168F500
SDC361 168H500
SDC362 168H510
SDC510 168E600
SDC511 168E600
SDC520 168F200
SDC522 168F300
SDC524 168F100
SDC620 168F200
SDC630 168F200
SDC632 168F300
SDC634 168F100
SDC634a 168F100A
SSCT 180B100
TD100CM 192A600
TD101CM 192A650

Natel/Muirhead Part Series CSI Equivalent Part Series
DRC5012 192E600
DRC5112 192E600
DRC5114 192E600
DSC5012 192E600
DSC5112 192E600
DSC5114 192E600
DSC6206 192A300
DTG5126 192B203
RD330 168E700
RD331 168E700
RD340 168E600
RD341 168E600
RD432 168F300
RD434 168F100
RD532 168F100
RD552 168F100
SCT450 180B100
SD330 168E700
SD331 168E700
SD340 168E600
SD341 168E600
SD432 168F300
SD434 168F100
SD532 168F100
SD552 168F100
TLS1036 167C100